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Injection Molded Plastics

UL Approved & Berry Amendment Compliant Plastic Hardware Manufactured in the USA

ACW manufactures a complete line of Berry Amendment compliant, UL Approved, injection molded plastic hardware for military, industrial and commercial applications.

American Cord & Webbing Co., Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of Certified Berry Amendment Compliant and UL Approved injection molded plastic hardware for military, industrial and commercial applications. We stock a wide range of products to meet all of our customers’ needs. All of our UL Approved and Berry Amendment Compliant buckles and hardware are molded in our RI manufacturing facility.

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Complete line of Injection Molded Plastic Products

Side & Center Release Buckles
Our Side & Center Release buckles are the industry’s standard for both performance and appearance among injection molded plastic buckles.

Double Bar Buckles
Our Double Bar buckles are the most versatile available and are designed to assure smooth and easy tightening without slippage. Each offers the convenience of one-handed release and strap adjustment.

Loops & Single Bar Slides
Our loops are ideal for joining straps or webbing with no adjustment and perfect holding power. Our single bar slides can adjust any strap length or secure any loose ends. Locking grooves are engineered to grip material securely.

D-Rings & Hooks
Our thermoplastic D-Rings are light-weight, non-corrosive and come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. Our rugged hooks provide superior performance in extreme environmental end conditions.

Cord Attachments and Accessories
Our wide selection of cord attachments allow for flexibility of use with a variety of specialty products to fit your application needs.

ACW stands above the rest

  • All military approved buckles have our IRR “Scattershield” surface design.
  • Standard materials include Acetal and Nylon.
  • Specialty materials have been engineered for Fireloc® and clean-room application products.
  • Color options include Black, White, Coyote #498, Tan #499, Foliage Green #504, and Camo Green #483. Custom colors are optional and available upon request.
  • All products excel in quality, durability and functionality.

In the marketplace today, there is a need for UL Approved & Berry Amendment Compliant products that exhibit high strength, durability and quality that our customers demand. At ACW we design and manufacture these products at our Woonsocket, RI facility to meet the needs of our U.S. and International customers.

Our knowledgeable customer care representatives are excited to work with you to provide further product specifications at your request.

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