We Invest in the Newest Technology in Order to Provide our Customers with the Highest Quality Products.

We are proud to say we do this economically and professionally, because all are products are built in-house. We take pride in our facility that is able to meet any specification that our customers require. Flexibility and willingness to create custom solutions is what separates us from our competition.

Prepare with ACW Military Approved Products

Our full line of Berry Amendment compliant plastic buckles, slides, loops and webbings are manufactured in the USA and available in Federal Standard colors to meet government approved Infrared Reflectance (IR) requirements. 

All military approved buckles have the ACW IRR scatter-shield surface and are approved by Natick Soldier systems.

Firefighters Webbing

Fire Safety with ACW

We specialize in manufacturing products for heat and flame resistant applications. Our Flame Retardant (FR) treated nylon webbing meets horizontal and vertical burn testing (FAR 25.853) and our Kevlar, Nomex and PBI materials meet NFPA standards.

ACW’s FireLoc® buckle line is designed and manufactured for high heat applications with heat stabilized molded plastic. Which does not only help several industries but also provides  quality safety products to Fire Fighters.

ACW Industrial Products

Industrial customers demand products that hold up to their rugged applications and ACW can assist by offering a variety of engineering grade thermoplastics, narrow textile webbing, and a complete line of plastic hardware products.

We take pride in building custom solutions for our customer requirements. We are able to do that because of our in-house facility. 

Premium quality products and made-to-fit solutions

Ready, Willing, and Able – ACW has bolsters a 95% on-time delivery record with customized solutions for inventory management. All because of our state of the art and unique in-house facility.

Electronic Enclosures

ACW helps customers bring their products to life by working closely to design and manufacture custom enclosures that meet your specific requirements and end use applications.

Decorating, sonic welding and EMI shielding are some of our additional value-add services that enhance the appearance and function of your product.

ACW uses recycled materials for sustainable-products

ACW Make Your Products More Environmental Friendly

ACW supports its climate change customers through temperature monitoring, wind measurement, solar radiation sensing, water monitoring and air monitoring. Some areas of specialty include data loggers, anemometers, solar radiation shields for temperature and RH sensing, wind vanes, and monitoring instruments.

ACW is also able to produce sustainable webbing and buckles from 100% recycled materials.

ACW Consumer Products

In a world of cost sensitive markets, we at ACW take on the great challenge of consumer products with ease.

ACW molding line evaluates each project for return-on-investment by offering high cavitation molds, family molds and automation to minimize labor costs and enable our customers to remain competitive.

Tactical Gear

ACW’s tactical gear enabled you face any challenge out there. Tactical gear, which is inspired by our military offerings, is durable and versatile for any situation or environment.

ACW is the only US manufacturer with in-house capabilities to make Berry Compliant military approved webbing and Natick approved buckles. All ACW military products excel in quality, strength, durability, and functionality. Standard buckle materials include Acetal and Nylon.

Please contact our team for all your molding, tooling and industrial needs. No-cost upfront estimate