Unlock Seamless Supply with ACW's Inventory Bank

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Experience the Future of Inventory Management - No Wait, No Fees, Just On-Demand Availability.

We produce your whole PO regardless of expected shop dates. We hold it on hand so it is ready to ship as soon as you need it. Move productions dates up or back as needed.
ACW gives you the supply FLEXIBILITY to meet demand.

How It Works - A Closer Look

Streamlined Supply on Your Terms

  • Bulk Pricing Benefits: Enjoy significant discounts with bulk pricing options, allowing for substantial savings without requiring full order delivery.

  • Instant Access to Materials: Say goodbye to production delays. With materials stocked and ready to ship, you receive your materials on demand.

  • Pay As You Go: Benefit from a credit-like system where you're billed only upon ordering - no upfront costs, no hidden fees.

  • Zero Storage Hassle: Utilize ACW's warehouse storage at absolutely no cost to you for 6 to 12 months of inventory. Forget the expense and space concerns of storing materials.

  • No Additional Fees: Receive all these benefits without any extra charges for overproduction or storage.


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Your Business, Supercharged

  • Enhance Flexibility: Adjust quickly to market demands without the wait for production cycles.

  • Improve Cash Flow: With our pay-on-demand model, free up capital that would otherwise be tied in inventory.

  • Scale Effortlessly: Leverage our storage and bulk discounts to scale your operations without the logistical nightmares.

  • Competitive Advantage: Stay ahead with faster product availability and cost-effective sourcing.

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ACW's Inventory Bank Gives You The Supply FLEXIBILITY To Meet Demand. Your Products Are Ready To Ship When You Need Them.

Inventory Bank FAQ’s

We work with you to forecast your needs based on typical volume and production cycles. 

The ACW Inventory Bank accommodates 6 to 12 months of back stock based on typical order volume and production frequency.

Should there be a significant delay in reordering, a  fair and reasonable storage fee will be requested if materials are stored longer than the agreed amount of time. Should you fail to take possession of your material or otherwise abandon the material, we will seek to be compensated for the material on hand. 

Get in contact with your ACW sales representative. We work with you to forecast your needs and include the Inventory Bank details in your next quote.  

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