How ACW Helped Turn Plastic Bottles into The Team USA Opening Ceremony Uniform

Ralph Lauren's Commitment to Sustainability in Olympic Uniform Design

Since 2008, Ralph Lauren has been a pivotal figure in the Olympic saga, not just by dressing Team USA, but by weaving sustainability into their very essence. The 2020 Team USA collection, showcased during the Olympic closing ceremony, stood out for its commitment to sustainable materials and practices, marking a significant leap towards environmental responsibility.

ACW Sources & Weaves Sustainability For Team USA

Seeking sustainable options, ACW helped source a material made from recycled fibers for Ralph Lauren’s Team USA Uniform designs. Yarn is produced from recycled plastic waste by being melted, extruded, and then formed into usable fibers. These fibers closely mimic the look and feel of natural fibers. They are easily dyed, naturally wrinkle resistant, and provide optimal performance and wearability.

In 2008, this material was not utilized often, thus not well known in the marketplace. ACW helped secure the recycled material and developed custom methods for incorporating these fibers into webbing and Ralph Lauren’s garments and shoes.

Today, ACW continues to lead in sustainability innovations for many of its clients. ACW is still involved with Ralph Lauren for the production of garments for the USA Winter Olympics Team and continually develops custom solutions.

When You Need Experts in Sustainable Textiles, Call ACW

It’s A Message That You Can Send Too!

By integrating sustainable fibers and materials into their Olympic uniforms, Ralph Lauren sends a powerful message about the importance of environmental responsibility in fashion. They demonstrate a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and ecological mindfulness, setting an industry standard and reinforcing their commitment to making a positive impact on the planet.

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