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From recycled fiber to certifications, let our Sustainability Experts help you.

Incorporating fibers made from recycled materials into your webbing products is a smart move.

  • Improve customer perception and stay ahead of regulations.

  • Sustainable material costs are decreasing.

  • Improve relations with the government and local officials and communities

ACW is at the forefront of building sustainability into woven customer products.

The 2018 and 2022 Winter Olympic Games featured ACW sustainable materials.

Ralph Lauren chooses ACW to produce the materials used in their custom outfitting for our USA athletes.

ACW Helps Make Your Products More Environmental Friendly

ACW knows how to incorporate recycled materials into your products while not compromising durability. Our recycled webbing ensures your ability to deliver quality, products that are both profitable and sustainable. 

For many years ACW has sourced recycled materials from like-minded companies and incorporated them into our manufacturing process. ACW continues to utilize Unifi’s Repreve line of fibers which are made from recycled plastic bottles.

If you aren’t sure how to use sustainable materials to meet the specifications of your final product, Give us a Call.  Our experts are happy to help add sustainability into your designs.

ACW uses recycled materials for sustainable-products

You should have questions. Often it is not as simple as substituting a recycled fiber for a standard fiber. Superior understanding of material specifications and conscientious application of specialized techniques in the weaving and construction of your products is necessary to achieve target results.

When sustainable materials are added to a production process, product performance characteristics are impacted. Chemical makeup and physical properties can change. Break strength, resistance to abrasion and durability, as well as Heat Resistance and ply-ability must be evaluated. Specification may change as a result. Our experts guide you through the challenges and get the formula for your sustainable product right. 

Achieving your expectations without surprises is our mission. Give us a call and we can help you evaluate your options. 

We make material selection and production planning easy!

66% of consumers pay more for sustainable products and 81% of them want companies to improve the environment.

Nielsen Study

Sustainability Puts Profit to the Bottomline

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