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Our Complete Line of U.S Made Webbing and Cord Products Are Approved by DLA

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ACW excels in military, tactical, medical, aerospace, and industrial cord and webbing products. There are none better.

When specs are critical, rely on ACW for complete accuracy and compliance. We meet or exceed standards for material, strength, and durability.

Our webbing is approved for flotation, FR, high tenacity, 100% recyclable and abrasion resistant end uses making it a versatile choice for a variety of applications. Our webbing and cord materials include Kevlar, Nomex and PBI, with our webbing being UL certified to NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency) Standards for Safety and flame resistance. In addition, we offer a variety of options for PIA (parachute webbing).

Choose from nylon webbing, popular for military and safety harness uses due to its high break strength and excellent abrasion resistance, or Kevlar® webbing, which has many desirable properties such as flame and heat resistance, high tenacity, low elongation, and chemical resistance. When you need webbing or cord for safety applications, industrial work, fishing and lumber industries, or any other military or professional and recreational uses, our U.S made products will exceed expectations.

Military Offerings

ACW is the only US manufacturer with in-house capabilities to make Berry Compliant military approved webbing and Natick approved buckles. All ACW military products excel in quality, strength, durability, and functionality. Standard buckle materials include Acetal and Nylon.

Products are available in all Federal Standard colors and government approved Infrared Reflectance (IR) colors. Standard color options include Black, White, Coyote Brown #498, Tan #499, Foliage Green #504, and Camo Green #483. Optional custom colors are available upon request.

ACW Is the Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Webbing and Cords

Our complete line of U.S made webbing and cord products are manufactured in our Rhode Island facility and approved for flotation, FR, high tenacity, 100% recyclable and abrasion resistant end uses. We manufacture webbing and supply cord products in a variety of different styles and yarn options for every application. Our comprehensive range of products encompasses everything you need for your projects.


DLA is currently set to issue multiple contracts for a range of products continuing through 2026, including MOLLE rucksacks, duffle bags, close combat sets, rifleman MOLLE rucksacks, rifle slings, the modular scalable vest (MSV), and collapsible deployment bags. Other products such as cold weather gloves are set to be released as well.

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