Experience Quality Sewing Services with ACW

Our Wide Range of Custom Sewing and Assembly Services

We Invest in the Newest Technology in Order to Provide our Customers with the Highest Quality Products and Sewing Services.

We are proud to say we do this economically and professionally. We take pride in being able to meet any specification that our customers require. Flexibility and willingness to create custom solutions is what separates us from our competition.

Our Custom Sewn and Finishing Services Include

  • Sewing

  • Hot & Cold Cutting

  • Hole Punching

  • Ultrasonic Welding

  • Grommets

  • Clasps & Snaps

  • Ends

  • Hook & Loop

  • Cord Assemblies

  • Labels

  • Webbing Assemblies

  • Packaging

Our engineers and design staff will work with you to develop products designed to fit your needs within your budget.

At ACW, we can meet your demands for product solutions, and exceed your expectations of the highest quality and on time delivery. Because we manufacture and stock the components used in our assembly operation, we assure the highest quality of the finished product and timely delivery to meet your schedule. This combination is what makes ACW the right solution to improve your efficiency and increase your profitability.


ACW Manufacture Straps for the Toughest Industrial Needs

Ready To Use Sewing & Pre-assembly

We preassemble your products to your specifications.
We QA and ship ready to use straps and webbing materials to your door
saving you time, money and labor costs.

  • Enhanced Durability: With use of the latest technology and best material, we aim for highest durability.

  • Heavy Duty Application: Our RnD makes sure that we cater to the most toughest of industrial needs by being innovative and efficient.

  • Variety of Materials: Our in house manufacturing unit allows us to produce quality products in multiple materials as per your requirement.

Don't Let Production Delays and Poor Quality Hold You Back.
Experience the Difference ACW Sewing Services.

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Since 1917, we have provided quality products and commitment to our customers. Our combined years of experienced industry professionals, along with our commitment to service and quality, are unequaled in today’s marketplace.