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Job Openings

Needle Loom Weaver

The Needle Loom Weaver sets up and tends to all ACW looms. This position requires knowledge of yarns, ability to tie and draw in a loom, make minor adjustments to correct curve, width and appearance.

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Dye Range Operator

The Dye Range Operator operates and maintains a continuous production narrow fabric dye range. This position requires knowledge of mixing dyes and additives, attention to detail and proficiency with computers.

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Weaving Mechanic / Loom Fixer

The Weaving Mechanic / Loom Fixer is responsible for repair, maintenance and operation of all equipment used in the weaving operation. This position requires in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of needle looms, the construction of webbing and tapes, as well as the ability to analyze webbing samples to determine warp, stuffer, binder, weft and catch counts and yarn deniers.

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Quality Inspector

The Quality Inspector is responsible for inspection of in-process production in the Warping, Weaving, Finishing, Molding and Strap Departments. This position requires proficiency with computers, measuring devices and legible hand writing.

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Material Handler - Weaving

Control, process and maintain yarn inventory, production beams and work areas to assure the efficient and successful distribution and processing of materials needed in the manufacturing stream to the weaving department.

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Beaming Operator

The Beam Operator prepares warp, stuffer and binder beams for the weaving department.

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The descriptions above should not be construed to contain every function or responsibility that may be required to be performed in this job.

American Cord & Webbing Co, Inc. is an equal opportunity employment/affirmative action employer.