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ACW is a Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Webbing, Cord, Plastic Buckles, and Sewn straps.

Prepare with ACW Buckles, Webbing, & Cord Approved by DLA

ACW excels in military, tactical, medical, aerospace, and industrial industries. What sets us apart is that we are the sole domestic manufacturer of webbing and plastic buckles/hardware.

Our product range includes a comprehensive selection of items, both berry-compliant and non-berry-compliant, produced in the U.S. or overseas.

With the flexibility of no minimum order quantities and the added benefit of up to six months of inventory holding at our facility, at no extra charge, we are dedicated to providing versatile solutions for our customers.

Quality Products for Military, Tactical, Medical, Aerospace, and Industrial Industries

Our comprehensive range of products encompasses everything you need for your projects:

  • Reliability and Availability

    Count on ACW's 95% on-time delivery record. We maintain stocked inventory of webbing, cord, and buckle items, ready for shipping within a day. Furthermore, we're prepared to product and store your items for up to six months with a purchase order.

  • Streamlined Production Process

    With ACW, you gain a one-stop shop for all your needs, supported by a single point of contact for seamless buying decisions for buckles, webbing, cord, straps, metal hardware.

  • Economies of Scale

    Benefit from unparalleled economies of scale by bundling webbing, buckles, cord and other products – a unique offering in the USA.

  • Global Pioneers

    ACW stands as the world's only supplier of these essential products, produced in both the USA and overseas to deliver cost-effective solutions.

  • Tailored Compliance

    Our product range spans NATO compliant, Berry compliant, NFPA compliant, and UL compliant ensuring your requirements are met.

  • Flexibility and Stock

    Enjoy the freedom of no minimum order quantities for production. With a purchase order, we'll even hold your inventory for up to six months at no additional cost, allowing for extended production runs.

  • Unleash Creativity

    ACW offers custom webbing and plastic solutions, expertly designed to tackle your unique challenges.

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